Working with CGR Products – A 3M Preferred Converter







Only a select few companies that partner with 3M™ are recognized as a 3M Preferred Converter.  A Preferred Converter is the highest designation 3M™ gives a company that demonstrates expertise in converting capabilities and holds to the highest standards.

At CGR Products, we have maintained 3M Preferred Status since the inception of the program.  We continuously thrive to stay on the cutting edge of technology and converting processes.  Our capabilities allow us to convert 3M™ products to your exact specifications at prices that will keep you competitive in your market space.

Working with CGR Products and 3M™

CGR Products has access to 3M’s wide range of tapes and adhesives, Thinsulate™, VHB™, Safety-Walk™, Dual-Lock™, Hook and Loop, Automotive Foam Tapes, Bumpons™, and many other products.  As a 3M Preferred Converter,  CGR Products offers several benefits including:

  •  Competitive Pricing
  • Access to 3M™ Products from multiple divisions of 3M™
  • 3M™ Expertise and Support
  • Large inventory of stocked 3M™ materials
  • Exceptional Quality
  • In House Tooling Capabilities
  • Fast Turnaround
  • High Volume Converter


CGR Products converting capabilities allow us to be a one-stop shop for customers.  Whether laminating 3M­™ adhesives to closed cell sponge rubber,  kiss cutting VHB™ into custom shapes, or die cutting high volumes of Thinsulate™,  CGR Products has the right solution for you.


To see the wide range of 3M™ Products we convert and associated data pages, visit our 3M™ Supplier Material Library Page.  Ready to get started with your 3M Preferred Converter?  Contact CGR Products today.