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The Many Benefits of Waterjet Cutting

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Now that you better understand Kiss Cutting, it’s also important to understand when Waterjet Cutting benefit your manufacturing process. Perhaps the most important characteristic of  waterjet cutting is that it can be used on materials that are sensitive to high temperatures that are common of other methods. Essentially,Waterjet Cutting is the use of a high […]

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Kiss Cutting

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Cutting a high volume of precision, custom parts with laminate and/or adhesive takes a special kind of process. The applications for kiss cut products are numerous, including uses in the automotive, marine, HVAC, industrial, farming, electrical, medical, and military industries. You will even find kiss cut materials on  escalators and elevators. It is superior in […]

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3M to Increase R&D Spending

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It is no mistake that 3M is one of the most successful American-born companies. Formerly known as the Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company, 3M now employs 88,000 people worldwide with about $30 billion in annual sales.  The manufacturing giant makes more than 55,000 products such as adhesives, laminates, medical supplies, car accessories & cleaning supplies, […]

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Proper Boat Care as Summer Comes to an End

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Labor Day signals the end of summer, and the end of boating season. But that doesn’t mean it is time to forget about life on the water! Instead, take the time to stay safe during your last few times out and properly care and maintain your vessel. Standard boat maintenance and a bit of elbow […]

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Not Your Average Tape

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You may not even realize that you come across foam tape in your everyday life. It could have even been this morning when you opened your front door! Whenever there is a need to keep out water, dust, or to protect from UV exposure, foam tape can really come in handy. It’s so easy to […]

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Now Hiring: American Automakers

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For the first time in 5 years, American automakers are on track to sell 15 million vehicles in 12 months. After the recession hit the industry hard in 2009, new vehicle sales have been slow to recover. But now it seems poised for a boom after a series of strong numbers and data, with some […]

An Exciting New Venture for General Electric

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$3.38 Billion is a huge bet, but General Electric is willing to take the gamble on Lufkin Industries, an oilfield services provider. Oil and gas is GE’s fastest growing business contributing about ten percent of its total revenue. To expand further into the energy industry, GE purchased Lufkin to develop a more competitive edge by […]

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CGR Products: Welcome to Our New Blog

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At CGR Products, we see our website as an extension of our personal outreach to customers. In this blog, we hope to open a digital conversation with you in which we can explain a little more about the advantages of our products, and industry topics in general. We look forward to building a relationship with […]