Protecting Loader Engines with a Custom-Fit Screen and Gasket

For any company, loaders are a major investment, and it’s best practice to protect the loaders from unnecessary wear and damages.

The problem with some loader models is that performing routine maintenance leaves the loader engine exposed. Dirt, rocks, and even tools could fall into the air intake and cause damage to the engine.

The Problem

loader-engine-sealCGR Products’ client was having this very issue — routine service on its skid-steer loaders was leaving the engines exposed to debris and other objects.

In an effort to protect the equipment from such damage, protection was needed for the intake area in the form of a screen. As an add-on feature, this meant that the screen would require the ability to create a tight seal with the molded loader parts. The space between the cab and loader was a challenge due to the irregular shape of the mating area, and rubber parts needed the exact amount of compressibility to seal the area completely, yet maintain structural integrity.

The Solution

CGR consulted with Armacell and developed a part that combined two foam materials to meet the application demands. Ensolite IV1 was a robust material to support the integrity of the part, with a compression deflection value of 4.0 psi at 25% compression. The EF0 layer was softer and spongier, having a much lower compression value of 0.25 psi at 25% compression. The softer material meant that the part would conform to the shape of the molded plastic when applied in the loader.

Both materials were bonded together and attached to a 74-micron screen, then a peel-and-stick adhesive backing was applied. All the materials worked together to create a better seal to protect the air intake.

Creation of the part involved almost all types of machining and fabrication technology, including:

The Results

The final product served the manufacturer of the loaders for a number of years in which they saw no incidences of damage due to debris in the air intakes. Thanks to compressibility which was engineered to the exact specifications, the screens were able to withstand exposure to rugged use and handling.

Because of the expertise of Armacell and CGR engineers, the loader manufacturer was able to save money from reduced damage to the equipment during routine maintenance.

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