UL Listed Components

CGR Products offers three UL Recognized Components of sponge rubber and pressure sensitive adhesive which meet UL 50E standards.

These UL components are commonly used for sealing and gaskets in electrical enclosures, control panels, appliances, and many other applications.

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UL requires all gaskets comprised of a pressure sensitive adhesive laminated to a sponge rubber to meet UL Recognized Component standards.

According to UL, the UL designation of the separate components (sponge and PSA) is voided once a chemical bond is made between the two, and a new product is created which must meet rigorous UL standards.

CGR addressed this issue by creating and certifying three solutions to meet a variety of applications. Our UL recognized components are:

UL Recognized ComponentsCGR 8002 (EPDM sponge)

With Avery’s high performance 702P acrylic adhesive.

UL Recognized ComponentsCGR 5031 (Neoprene/SBR/EPDM) sponge

With 3M 9824 acrylic adhesive.

UL Recognized ComponentsCGR DK1111LD (Neoprene/EPDM) sponge

With 3M 9816 rubber adhesive

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