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Miscellaneous Materials

CGR offers cork, graphite, metals and other miscellaneous materials to deliver a true customization capabilities for our customers.

cork-graphite-misc-materialsWe offer our customers some of the best variety of stock products available in the industry, as well as the dedication and attention to create gaskets and seals for virtually every application.

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Part of the ability to provide this service is our access to an almost limitless number of miscellaneous raw materials. If foam and other rubber gaskets don’t meet your needs we likely have something in stock that will:


Cork is a sustainable and breathable material that offers cushioning and resistance of foam with the properties of rubber. The cork compound has high compressibility and flexibility and is also especially resistant to oil and fuel exposure.


Graphite gaskets contain properties of metal which makes them an ideal choice for especially extreme conditions. Intense pressures and high temperatures do not hinder a graphite products performance and the material is also very resistant to chemicals and other exposure. Graphite provides extra strength although lacks in cushioning and absorption.


Our metal gaskets and seals carry similar makeup as graphite in a very customizable condition. Metal gaskets are available in thicker sizes and stainless steel, brass, copper, and aluminum products provide resistance to the elements.


CGR converts various types of plastics including PET, ABS, PVC, Nylon & Teflon. Very thin plastics can be die cut and used for items such as shims.  Thicker plastics are waterjet cut to all type shapes.

Hook and Loop Materials

Hook and Loop materials are ideal for fastening when your application requires the ability to open and close on a regular basis.

Customer Supplied Materials

CGR works with many customers who supply their own material for specialized applications. Many are customers who make their own material and need CGR to create the end product.  This allows those customers to save capital by not having to buy expensive converting equipment.

Please view the table below for a complete list of miscellaneous materials.


CorkHighly compressible material. Ideal for low pressure gasket and seals such as oil pans and valve covers.Ecore, Amorim
Cork & Rubber CompositionCork granules in synthetic rubber.  Offer controlled compressibility and good oil resistance>Ecore, Amorim
GraphiteLong service life. Seals at extremes of temperature and pressure.MTI, Garlock
Graphite TangGraphite material usually reinforced with stainless steel or polyester film.
Hook and Loop (Velcro)Textile hook and loop fasteners. Used in transportation, military, packaging, apparel.3M, Velcro, Aplix
MetalsVarious metals including aluminum, stainless steel, mild steel, iron, and tin.Wolverine, MTI
Metal reinforced materialsUsed in all types high temperature and high pressure applications such as muffler and exhaust gaskets.Wolverine, MTI
PlasticsVarious plastics including acrylic, Mylar (PET), HDPE, nylon, polycarbonate, UHMW, ABS, and vinyl.
PTFE (Teflon)Commonly used in friction and wear applications. Resistant to corrosive chemicals.
Rubber Clad MetalThin metal with a rubber coating on each side. Common used in carburetor gaskets.Wolverine, MTI
3M Bump-onsProtective product to cushion, reduce vibration, provide spacing, and skid resistance.3M
Safety WalkMineral-coated product used where anti-slip surface is needed.3M
Dual LockReclosable fastener with mushroom shaped head. Stronger than Hook and Loop closure.3M

We have dozens upon dozens of other miscellaneous materials available for your customized gasket needs. Please contact us today for more detailed information and technical specs on each type.