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Solid Rubber for Gaskets and Seals

While foam rubber has a noticeable bounce and cushion to it, there are some applications for gaskets and seals that better benefit from a more durable, resistant material such as solid rubber.

neopreneMost people are familiar with the type of solid rubber used in manufacturing being similar to that of a car tire. It also has a wide variety of uses as a gasket or a seal.

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Solid rubber has almost all the same properties as foam rubber except without the cushion created by air. Creating a gasket or seal with solid rubber will make a durable, leak-proof seal, but will not absorb as much impact as a product made from an open or closed cell sponge. Rubber of all types is very versatile as it carries natural resistant properties, but can also be treated for use in specific industries.

Our range of solid rubber materials includes:

Depending on the type of solid rubber you choose for your project, the natural durability could stand up to 500 PSI or more and temperatures in the range from -20°F to 170°F. This makes solid rubber gaskets and seals an ideal product for compressors and HVAC applications as well as for pressure relief valves. The durability of solid rubber makes it an asset in the power tools, heavy equipment, engine, and automotive fields.

Please view the table below for a complete list of solid rubber materials.

Solid RubberDescriptionSuppliers
BeltingReinforced rubber used for heavy duty load and durability applications.
ButylExcellent resistance to ketones, paint, ink dryers and ozones.BRP
Cloth Inserted A cloth inserted rubber for use against cold or hot water, air or gas, or anywhere needing firm gaskets.Chemprene, Trelleborg
Diaphragm Material that is reinforced with nylon and resistant to oil and exceptional strength.Chemprene, Trelleborg
EPDMExcellent resistance to heat aging, ozone, acids, and alkalines.BRP
Fluroelastomer (Viton)Excellent resistance to oils, fuels and solvents at higher temperature ranges.Mosites
HypalonNoted for its resistance to chemicals, temperature, and ultraviolet light.
Natural (Pure Gum)High abrasion resistance. Excellent for use on low bolt flanges with irregular surfaces.
Neoprene General industrial material used with non-aromatic petroleum oils and greases.BRP
Nitrile ( Buna-N) (NBR)General industrial use material for oil, grease and solvent resistance.BRP
PolyurethaneRubber like material with toughness and durability beyond the range of most rubber or plastics.PSI
Homogeneous (Masticated)Contains synthetic fibers with SBR binder.  Main application is use in structural bearing pads.Ecore
SBR (Red)Economy material used for hot or cold water, low pressure steam, gas or air.
SiliconeExcellent material for resistance to aging, heat, sunlight, many oils, and chemicals.Diversified Silicone, Jabar
Thermoplastic (TPE)  (Santoprene)Dependable polymers for flexible engineered parts that require long term performance.

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