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Fiber Materials

Fiber materials used at CGR are non-asbestos and extremely efficient to work with, allowing for maximum customization and completion of special orders.

fiber-materialsOne of the more unique gasket materials used at CGR is a synthetic fiber sheet with a Nitrile binder. This provides superior seal-ability as well as above-average chemical resistance.

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Our fiber gasket materials include:

  •  Non-asbestos compressed sheet
  •  Insulating paper (Nomex, Cequin, Formex)
  •  Vegetable fibre
  •  Felt
  •  Synthetic fiber with nitrile binder

The use of fiber gasket materials can be seen across a number of industries specifically where water or steam is present. The products also provide resistance against mild chemical and mild alkalis exposure.

Fiber material is some of the most temperature resistant and is able to withstand constant temps of 550° F up to 800° F maximum spikes. The material is non-oxidizing and provides synthetic withstanding of weathering and moisture damage. Products made of this material are also very durable and able to perform even against max pressures up to 1200 PSI.

The fiber gasket materials we carry are available in a wide range of standard and non-standard sizes. Our typical sheet sizes are 30” X 30” or 60” X 60” in thicknesses of 1/32”, 1/16”, or 1/8”. Please contact us for more information about the products we carry or for details on acquiring non-standard materials.

Fiber gasket materials can be manufactured for a wide range of custom applications. Because of their physical and internal durability and chemical properties fiber products really are viable for almost any industry. For more information on custom gaskets and seals please contact us today.

Please view the table below for a complete list of fiber materials.

Fiber MaterialsDescriptionSuppliers
3M Thinsulate™Products3M Thinsulate acoustic insulation material has excellent sound absorbing properties useful in many automotive applications, for example inside door panels, instrument panels, pillar stuffers, package trays, etc. It is compressible, non-linting, lightweight, and can be easily die-cut. A white polyolefin scrim on one side protects the fibers. It also has been surface treated on both sides to provide better attachment of the scrim and better abrasion resistance of the fiber.3M
Batting (Polyester)Polyester batting is a high loft nonwoven material used in a variety of applications in the bedding, furniture, automotive, industrial, and aviation markets. Ideal where acoustical or thermal insulation is needed.Hendrix
Cellulose fiberEconomical materials that are compressible and impermeable and function well where flange irregularities exist.Vellumoid
Ceramic FiberThese are specialty insulation products which provide thermal management solutions in a variety of market segments.Fibrefrax
FeltFelt is produced by matting, condensing and pressing fibres together. Felt gaskets are ideal for many applications such as seals, anti-vibration and anti-squeak pads,  noise reduction, vibration mounts, shock dampeners, wipers,  sound deadening, padding, insulation, light seals, dust shields and filters.Felters, Buffalo Felt
FiberglassFiberglass insulation material can help reduce heat loss for process control; reduce energy consumption and emissions; provide protection from hot pipes and vessels; and provide fire, acoustic and corrosion protection.Johns Manville
Fish Paper/Vulcanizing FibersFish paper is a strong, flexible, fibrous dielectric paper. It resists moderate heat and mechanical injury and is often used for wrapping coils and insulating stove-top parts.FiberFrax
Insulating PapersFlame resistant material with excellent thermal, chemical, and radiation resistance.Nomex
3M Thermovolt
3M Cequin
Beater AddReinforced cellulose/nitrile or synthetic non asbostos fiber material.  Excellent oil resistance and good sealing characteristicsAlkegen
Non-asbestos sheetingAsbestos-free compressed sheet material has temperature resistance up to 750 degrees F and shows excellent resistance to a wide range of chemicals.Thermoseal
Chipboard/PaperA type of paperboard generally made from reclaimed paper stock
ShoddyShoddy is produced from recycled fibers and ideal for noise reduction in automotive applications.

CGR’s lead times are among the most competitive in the industry and once a product becomes a regular production run the stored information can sometimes be turned around in 24-48 hours. Give us a call today to speak one on one with our customer service representatives or click Contact Us.