Hot Roll Lamination

At CGR Products, we laminate many different materials on a daily basis.  We laminate materials up to 84″ wide and as thin as .062″.  Materials range from closed cell foam to heavy fabrics.  This article explores our hot roll lamination service.

Hot Roll Lamination

Hot Roll lamination applies an adhesive between two other substrates in web form to bond the two together.  Typically hot roll lamination involves applying adhesive over a heated drum.  The heated drum helps the adhesive flow just before being applied to the substrate at a nip roller.


Another application of hot roll lamination is known as Fusion.  This is where a substrate is fused with another web by chemical or heated reaction. For Example: When adding a film barrier to Foam, the lamination is achieved by passing the foam and film through a set of heated Teflon-coated rolls at the correct speed and temperature which fuses the film to the foam making a permanent bond.

CGR Products Hot Roll Lamination

Camouflage textile laminated to sponge foam

CGR Products utilizes a custom built hot roll laminator to accommodate bonding multiple types of substrates.   CGR Products hot roll laminator will handle materials up to 84″ wide.  Our hot roll laminator is well suited for materials such as carpet and textiles. Multiple layers of materials can be laminated at one time and our process can be used with a film, non-woven, fabric, or even another foam.

A common use for this machine is the process of glue web lamination. Glue webs are nonwoven webs made of 100% thermoplastic adhesive polymer resins and can laminate a variety of materials.  This process can bond materials such as textiles, nonwovens, foams, films, carpet, and plastics or allow customers to reactivate the adhesive with heat when parts are ready to be installed.

CGR Products lamination service includes such markets as automotive trim, marine trim, carpeting, upholstery, medical, electronics, and aerospace.  Our continuous roll to roll lamination allows for high production rates to keep costs competitive.


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