Case Studies

These are some of the success stories and case studies CGR Products has completed. Learn more about our full scale of materials, die cutting, laminating, and other converting capabilities.

Quick Solution for a Seal after the Supplier Discontinued the Raw Material

CGR Products helped engineer a new material to seal a gap after the supplier discontinued the original raw material.

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Die Cutting 3M Thinsulate™ with Tabs for Easy Installation

A custom conversion van company came to CGR Products about using 3M Thinsulate™ as insulation in their vans.  There were 3 sizes of vans to contend with.

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Manufacturing Crushed Foam Seals for a Heavy Equipment OEM

A heavy equipment original equipment manufacturer (OEM) needed several different types of foam seals for their equipment.

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Solutions To Help Fight COVID-19

CGR Products is classified as an “essential business”.  We die cut critical engineered parts that go to other essential businesses with quick turn around and quality control.


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Solving a UL Gasketing Issue for a Large Enclosure Manufacturer

When it comes to using UL listed materials, there is no room for error.  This was the case for a large enclosure manufacturer that was having an enclosure fail its UL certification for a seemingly simple issue.

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Solution for an Immediate Need to Seal Escaping Steam.

An international restaurant & commercial kitchen equipment manufacturer contacted CGR Products with a potentially, large warranty issue. They needed help immediately.

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Solving a leak issue on General Motors Automobiles

Solving a Leak Issue on General Motors Automobiles

When an automotive tier one supplier came to CGR Products with a leak issue around an injection molded module for gas pedals, we jumped to action by providing multiple prototypes to ultimately find the ideal solution.

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Solving a Large Truck Manufacturer’s Squeak & Rattle Issue on Side Mirrors

After finding the problem was the metal bracing that connected the mirror and the plastic injection molded encasement, our team set out to find a long term solution.

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Saving an Enclosure Manufacturer Money without Being Asked

“It’s nice when a supplier offers a cost-reducing solution without even having to ask” – OEM Manufacturer

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CGR Helps Solve Large Boat Manufacturer’s Sponge Stripping Issue

In marine use, our gaskets and adhesives have no room for error. We had found a perfect solution to create a tight seal between fuel and water tanks for the marine industry.

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Reducing OEM Assembly Line Backlogs with Smart Packaging

And with our large array of materials on hand, coupled with more than 140,000 square feet of manufacturing space,

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Sealing Diesel Exhaust Fluid with Precision-Cut Ensolite Foam

Diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) was freezing inside newly installed fueling dispensers, requiring a seal that could withstand extremely low temperatures.

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Turning a Badly Designed Gasket into a Usable Solution

This part presented a challenge, since small cutouts were placed extremely close from the edge of the part.

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Protecting Loader Engines with a Custom-Fit Screen and Gasket

Because of the expertise of CGR engineers, a loader manufacturer was able to save money from reduced damage to the equipment during routine maintenance.

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Advanced Manufacturing Produces Stronger, More Durable Gasket

The gasket in question had a rubber grommet to aid in sealing a coolant port that traveled through an exhaust gasket.

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Gasket redesign CGR products

Gasket Redesign Reduces Costly Field Failures

An OEM sought a solution to costly field failures caused by gasket design and composition.

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Solving Performance Issues with a Custom Assembly Machine

New EPA regulations required a hose manufacturer to alter the construction of its assembly.

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Businessmen are analyzing the data from the report.

Reducing Costs with Kaizen Events

In a recent project with a large automotive customer, CGR sought to reduce costs while ensuring that production would not be delayed or negatively affected.

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Solving Tolerance Challenges with Our OEM Partner Program

By purchasing a steel rule die with feed-through punches, our CGR team was able to completely eliminate the need for a secondary operation during the production process.

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Utilizing Automation to Increase Production Rates by 33%

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A well-organized Kaizen meeting allowed our client to enhance production rates by 33%.