Custom Fabrication

Since 1963, CGR Products has been providing high-quality, precision-detailed custom fabrication components for our customers in the manufacturing industry.

Custom Fabrication

We have over 170,000 square feet of manufacturing space in three locations that houses over 100 different work stations that can be used to produce any volume of custom fabricated parts.

These parts can be made from a wide variety of materials such as PVC, graphite, fiberglass, Mylar, Plexiglas, polycarbonate, urethane, PTFE, rubber, PEEK, neoprene, and other materials that can be custom designed to meet your specific needs. No matter what material your part is made of, you can rest assured that it will undergo the most meticulous quality control process in the industry.

At CGR Products, we strive to maintain the best possible quality control and employ a full lineup of tools and procedures that ensure every part we ship surpasses expectations. Custom fabrication services that we offer include:


CGR is a direct manufacturer and supplier of custom molded rubber items. CGR’s molding process is a state of the art injection press capable of 11.5 lbs. of rubber per shot.  This machine is suited to produce large molded parts.  Platen size is 30 x 32 with 8.5” minimum daylight. Injection molding is a manufacturing process accomplished by taking raw, uncured rubber and forcing it into a heated mold using a reciprocating screw. The material is formed and cured under heat and pressure, then removed to cool as a custom shape.  In addition, we have an infrared spectrometer in house for specific testing of compound chemicals. This allows us to test for items such as Phthalates which are known to attack PVC and are restricted under European REACH law.

In addition, CGR supplies many smaller molded parts as distributed items from both domestic and overseas manufacturers.

Beaded Gaskets

Beaded gasketing is an excellent way to improve how well the gasket seals. This process involves applying a high-performance, resilient elastomer to the outer surface of the gasket. This method effectively blocks potential leak paths and increases the strength of the gasket in precisely the points where the load is the largest.

For more information about our custom fabrication services, contact CGR Products.