Materials & Components for Appliance Manufacturers

CGR Products can supply directly to manufacturers of commercial and retail appliance manufacturers as well as tiered suppliers. We have a wide selection of products for high temperature, sealing, sound and vibration applications:

  • EPDM sponge material used for control panel gaskets and dust barriers.
  • Neoprene gasketing for sealing surfaces and moisture barriers.
  • Silicone materials used under touch-pads and gauges for cooktops.
  • Open and closed cell foam and mass-loaded vinyl materials for use in sound dampening and sound attenuation areas.
  • Sealing applications for moisture barriers in dryer fans, around electrical components, switches, doors, controls, and between the enclosure and components underneath.
  • PE foam and EPDM/neoprene/SBR blend sponge materials serve as vent and detergent tray gaskets.
  • Vibration mounts for use on internal motors.
  • Die cut gaskets or extrusions to seal around door openings, covers, etc