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3M Automotive Tapes

3M automotive tapes offer everything you need to design a modern, clean, and aesthetically pleasing vehicle.

CGR Products is a tapes and adhesives converter and utilizes a variety of cutting methods to process 3M Automotive Tapes with the utmost precision.  CGR Products offers a wide range of 3M automotive tapes that can replace mechanical fasteners and spray adhesives. From 3M 401+ masking tape to 3M PX5011 high performance bonding tape, CGR Products supplies 3M tapes and adhesives into the automotive industry.

3M Double-sided Tapes

3m double coated tapes

CGR Products offers double-sided tapes for every application. CGR has access to the 3M portfolio of products pre-tested to major OEM specifications and low-VOC options.  Everything you need to design modern, clean, aesthetically pleasing vehicle interiors is here — and ready to go, anywhere in the world.




Download the Automotive-Ready Portfolio of 3M™ Double Sided Tapes brochure.

3M Masking Tapes

Masking tapes were developed to help protect surrounding surfaces from overspray and provide clean paint lines.  CGR Products has experience die cutting and laminating 3M masking tapes into specific sizes such as nameplate overlays.  These tapes are cut to size and supplied on a release liner with the web removed for easy removal.

3M High-Performance Green Masking Tape such as 401+ is an ideal tape for industrial painting, including two-tone color applications on trucks, buses, trailers, trains, fire trucks, ambulances, and airplanes. It is easy to tear, which aids in handling, yet strong enough to resist slivering, providing “user friendly,” one piece removal. The tape is conformable for easy masking around corners, over contours and irregular surfaces.

CGR Products can add a polyester barrier onto the tape to provide a zone of adhesive free masking.

3M Automotive Acrylic Foam Tape

3M automotive acrylic foam tapes are made with acrylic foam providing superior strength and durability.  These tapes are used to bond items such as Body moldings, hood scoops, emblems, wind deflectors, and side vents.  3M automotive acrylic foam tapes are used to take the place of mechanical fasteners, liquid adhesives, and other permanent fasteners.

vhb tape die cut and web removed with a pull tab


CGR Products converts 3M automotive acrylic foam tapes into all shapes and sizes.  From simple cut to size strips, to complex die cut and web removed parts, CGR Products can handle the task.  CGR Products buys master rolls of acrylic foam tapes directly from 3M to offer competitive pricing and large volumes.



Performance Data and More

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