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Neoprene Sheet Rubber

Neoprene sheet rubber is a general purpose industrial gasketing material for use with non-aromatic petroleum oils and greases.

Well-known as a highly resilient, all-purpose synthetic rubber, Neoprene is one of the industry’s most relied-upon materials.


synthetic sheet rubber

It performs in a multitude of industrial settings, and its resistance to degradation makes it an essential element in a number of different industries.

Neoprene is one of the most versatile materials in existence and has found a place in virtually countless applications. It features a number of important properties, including:

  • Excellent chemical resistance — Neoprene works well while in contact with a full range of chemicals and oils, making it a vital part of applications in even the most challenging industrial conditions.
  • Works in any weather or temperatureThis synthetic rubber resists degradation in a full range of temperature and other outdoor conditions, maintaining integrity while in the sun, ozone, cold, or inclement weather.
  • Maintains its properties in any form — Whether customers need Neoprene in solid sheet, open cell, or closed cell forms, it retains its chemical- and weather-resistant properties.
  • Tough and resilient — Some of the properties of Neoprene rubber include excellent abrasion resistance, good tear resistance, excellent resilience, and good-to-excellent adhesion to metals. It features a tensile range of 500 to 3000 psi and a durometer range (Shore A) of 20 to 95.

Please view the table below for more material information.

Durometer Tensile Strength Elongation Temperature Range Color Finish Available Thicknesses
Tensile Strength500
Temperature Range-20°F to 170°F
-40°F to 194°F
-40°F to 194°F
Finish1/16″ – 1″
1/16″ – 1″
1/16″ – 1″

neopreneThe versatility of Neoprene has made it a mainstay for industrial OEM products. These include hoses, gaskets, and a full array of corrosion-resistant coatings. Neoprene is not limited to these capacities, however, and is very important in areas as diverse as electronics accessories, sports, apparel, musical instruments, and more.

CGR: Putting Neoprene to Use for You

At CGR Products, we are well-experienced in working with Neoprene. We maintain a complete variety of cutting and fabrication services to manufacture high-quality, precision Neoprene components for virtually any application. Our facility is fully ISO certified, and we work with industry-leading suppliers to procure the quality synthetic rubbers you need.

To find out more about Neoprene or to get a quote, contact CGR today.