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Silicone Rubber for Gaskets and Seals

For die cut gaskets and seals, silicone rubber is a unique, extremely flexible synthetic elastomer. It is also versatile and easy to color, making it simple to manufacture.

High-quality silicone rubber gaskets and seals are resistant to aging, heat, and sunlight, as well as many oils and chemicals. Silicone rubber is suitable for rubber components used in high temperature environments.

Rubber sealing"Ready

In addition, silicone can be exposed to wind, rain and UV rays for extended periods of time with virtually no change in its physical properties. Additional material properties include:

  • High and low temperature stability
  • Compression resistance
  • Tear strength
  • Varying degrees of hardness and softness

Please review the table below for more material information.

DurometerTensile StrengthElongationTemperature RangeColorFinishAvailable Thicknesses
Tensile Strength750 PSI
700 PSI
Temperature Range-80°F to +150°F
-80°F to +150°F
Available Thicknesses1/16″ – 1/2″
1/16″ – 1/2″

Die Cut Applications Served

A variety of industries take advantage of silicone die cut gaskets and seals due to the material properties. Silicone’s versatility makes it especially appealing to:

  • Automotive industry for sealants and gaskets
  • Aeronautics and aviation industries for door and window seats
  • Food and beverage applications
  • Electronics and energy transmission gaskets
  • Medicine and veterinary science – particularly for sensitive, hypoallergenic tools