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UL Listed CGR 8002 with Acrylic Adhesive

This is CGR’s highest performing UL listed combination, combining pure EPDM sponge with an aggressive acrylic PSA system.
UL listed CGR 8002 with Acrylic adhesive
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Common usages for CGR 8002 with Avery 702P adhesive include higher temperature needs for enclosures, lighting, power equipment, or HVAC

Specifications: CGR 8002 with AVERY 702P

ASTM D 1056


SAE J 18 APR2002


ASTM D 6576

IIB/C Soft/Medium




9.0 +/-2 lb/ft3


53 +/- 5 Shore 00

Compression Deflection

(25%) 7 .0 +/-2 psi

Compression Set


Tensile Strength

75 psi

Tear Strength

12 lb/inch



Service Temp

+220°F continuous
+250°F intermittent

Water Absorption

<10 Max % weight change

Combustion Characteristics

FMVSS-302 Pass

About the Material

CGR utilizes Armacell Monarch #8002, a closed-cell and medium density pure EPDM material. Monarch offers excellent resistance to UV, elevated temperatures and weathering. View the Armacell F-08002 Specification Sheet for additional information about the material’s density, tensile strength and more.

About the Adhesive

Our Double-Coated Clear Polyester Tape is designed for bonding to a wide variety of plastic, metal and foam substrates where resistance to plasticizers and high temperature is required.

  • Polyester Carrier
  • Specially formulated acrylic adhesive
  • Moisture-stable release liner
  • Heavy mass of adhesive on liner side

View the Avery DennisonTM FT 702P Specification Sheet to learn more about this adhesive.

Adhesive Specifications


9.6 mils Total Construction (5 mils without liner)

180° Peel Adhesion, 12" min

2 mil PET

Test Methods

PSTC-3, ASTM D3330, STD-10

Stainless Steel

74 oz/in liner side, 61 oz/in unwind side

Static Shear

2 mil PET @ 72°F/22°C, 1 sq inch 5.5 lbs

Stainless Steel

Liner Side > 3,000
Unwind Side > 3,000