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UL Approved DK1111LD with Rubber Adhesive

Our UL approved DK1111LD sponge material with rubber adhesive supports UL properties and will do the same for your application.

This UL listed combination utilizes a Neoprene/EPDM blended sponge with a high tack rubber adhesive.

UL Listed ComponentsIt is available in sheets, rolls and custom shapes and sizes for your convenience.

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Common applications include enclosures, control panels, and electrical components and the appliance market.

The rubber adhesive provides an excellent “quick stick” to most substrates.

Specifications: DK1111 with 3M 9816 Adhesive

ASTM D 1056-91 & 00


ASTM D 1056-67 & 68

SCE 41

SAE J 18 R7/92


Listed to:

UL 157, UL 50, UL 508


Neoprene / EPDM Blend

Service Temp


Water Absorption

<5 Max % weight change

Combustion Characteristics

FMVSS-302 Pass
UL 94HF-1 Pass

About the Adhesive

  • General Purpose, high tack, rubber-based adhesive.
  • Extremely high bond strength to most surfaces.
  • Excellent versatility for lamination to foam material.
  • Excellent dimensional stability with polyester carrier.
  • Densified Kraft liner for rotary die cutting.

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Adhesion Specifications

Dynamic Peel

<180° peel (ASTM-D3330 Modified) 72 hr Room Temperature Dwell

Stainless Steel

139 oz/in


130 oz/in


48 oz/in 72hr / 158°F

Shear Adhesion

(ASTM D3654, 1" x 1" overlap with 1 hour dwell

Stainless Steel

1000 grams at room temperature