Utilizing Automation to Increase Production Rates by 33%

CGR Products is familiar with the energy and effort it takes to continuously improve long-standing pieces of business. Utilizing tools such as Kaizen events, we seek opportunities to incorporate advanced automation into our existing production processes.

The Challenge:

Now in business for over 50 years; CGR Products executes robust preventative maintenance programs and ensures machinery stays in production year after year.

Older equipment, however, can’t always keep up with the cost reduction demands that customers require. One automotive customer’s parts were produced on equipment that had high longevity.


The Solution:

CGR chose a diverse team of associates to brainstorm cost-cutting solutions within a well-organized Kaizen meeting. Each step of the process was evaluated:

  • How we received material
  • Material staging
  • Material processing
  • How finished goods were cut
  • How scrap was handled
  • How finished goods were palletized

As a result of the meeting, our internal maintenance shop partnered with a custom automation company to build tightly controlled systems for braking, let-off, material feeding, servo controls, and automated conveying systems. The teams even developed touchscreens specially designed by staff operators. The changes allowed our client to enhance production rates by 33%.

Customers can confidently rely on CGR to implement controlled, efficient systems that are intentionally focused on cost-cutting improvements. These “ideas to action” allow us to be a cost-conscious partner to each of our customers.

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Watch Drake Johnson deliver a live presentation of this project’s details at our Open House.