Solving a Large Boat Manufacturer’s Sponge Stripping Issue with Adhesives

With a wide variety of materials and resources at our disposal, CGR always finds the correct solution for our customers in the automotive, marine, plastics, electrical, or another industry.

Another one of our strengths is the ability to adapt, especially when our partners change an aspect of their project down the line. This was exactly the case with one large boat manufacturer.

sponge-strippingIn marine use, our gaskets and adhesives have no room for error. We had found a perfect solution to create a tight seal between fuel and water tanks for the marine industry. This particular customer decided to use a standard adhesive around the poly tanks they were using.

The Problem

One thing the customer didn’t take into consideration was how the adhesive of the sponge gasket would seal to the material — a seemingly minor detail but a very important one. As it turns out, the original adhesive did not seal as well to the tank material and gasket material started peeling off.

The large boat manufacturer came to us seeking a solution that would offer better performance while meeting their requirements. We dispatched our account manager to the client’s site to determine a new solution.

The Solution

Our account manager met with the customer in person for a very rewarding discussion. This helped us understand more about the materials that the tanks were made of, and to educate the customer about how our adhesives react to different substrates.

We provided some sample products based on this information, and were able to test and evaluate the performance of each different combination of adhesive and sponge. In the end, having been offered several options in regards to performance and costs, the large boat manufacturer selected 3M 9472 High Tack Transfer adhesive.

After production began and the large boat manufacturer began receiving sponge gasket seals with the new adhesive, they discovered that the humid climate at their facility was causing the adhesive to wrinkle. We recommended the addition of HDPE yellow film liner to protect the adhesive from moisture. We now ship all of their gasket seals with HDPE yellow film liner, which has solved the wrinkling issue.

During the meeting to solve the adhesive issue, the large boat manufacturer introduced a second issue to us. They were searching for a new stripping material to use but it could not take a compression set in the way that closed-cell sponge products do. Luckily we had a wide variety of materials on hand and, after making some suggestions, they selected our 7620 masticated rubber as the ideal solution.

Our work with the large boat manufacturer to solve their adhesive and stripping issues is a great example of the service and dedication that CGR provides. Our personal presents at the client’s site added convenience but, more importantly, were able to provide them a solution to their project needs.

Although the large boat manufacturer was already a customer, our end goal is to provide this type of teamwork and hands-on approach to all those who seek gasket, laminate, and flexible solutions across a variety of industries. If you would like to learn how CGR’s solutions can help your business, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.