CGR Products – Decatur, AL adds a New High Volume Rotary Die Cutting Machine


CGR Products in Decatur, AL has added a new high volume Delta Modtech rotary die cutting
machine. This machine accommodates die cut parts up to 13” wide. Individual servo controls
at each die station allow for precision tolerances and independent speeds of each other to
utilize maximum material savings.

Delta Modtech’s machinery has been highly sought after for over 30 years. Delta Modtech is
known to build complex and tight tolerance die cutting machines with the highest quality

This new rotary system is ideal for high speed, cost-effective and precision cut parts on high
volume orders. It is ideal for “kiss cut” or “peel and stick” applications. Kiss cutting is
performed by cutting through the part down to, but not through, the release liner. The parts
are supplied on a roll or pad for easy “peel and stick” application.

For more information about rotary cutting, please visit our Rotary Die Cutting page.