Die Cutting 3M Thinsulate™ with Tabs for Easy Installation

The usage of Recreational Vehicles is on the rise.  The North American recreational vehicle (RV) market was valued at USD 33.95 billion in 2021 and is anticipated to reach USD 59.16 billion by 2027.  Adding to this is a growing movement called “Van Life”   When a custom camper van company came to CGR Products searching for 3M Thinsulate,  our team offered solutions and packaging ideas that led to cost savings benefits, and ease of installation.


A custom conversion van company came to CGR Products about using 3M Thinsulate as insulation in their vans.  There were 3 sizes of vans to contend with.  Each van would need various cutouts for the roof, kitchens, and living area, plus made in left hand & right hand sides.  There were logistical concerns about the costs to ship all the panels and how to keep them separated by van size.


CGR Products development staff reviewed the project and started laying out the panels digitally via computer automation to maximize material yield.  The next step was to determine which of our over 100 pieces of equipment would be the most efficient to cut the panels.  Due to the layout of the panels and the complexity of the shapes, it was determined our multi-head waterjets would provide the optimum throughput.  By doing so we were able to design a “tab or perforation” into the panels, which allowed the panels (up to 18) to be tabbed together and supplied as a kit for each van size, plus help with installation.


Once all the panels were designed and the tabbed kits were established for each van size, a sample for a full kit was sent for the customer’s evaluation.  Immediately the concept was a success.  The panels were shipped as full sheets which made them convenient for the installers to handle.  The tabbed parts allowed the installers to pick apart the individual panels and apply them where needed easily.

After the trial run, the customer calculated the time savings and determined this method would be used for all of their vans.  The kits could be made per van size, which assisted with their inventory tracking.  An extra benefit was discovered in logistics.  By shipping in tabbed kits, CGR Products was able to fold and ship the panels in more economical containers which allowed for transportation savings.

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