Saving an Enclosure Manufacturer Money without Being Asked

“It’s nice when a supplier offers a cost-reducing solution without even having to ask” – OEM Manufacturer


A current customer of CGR Products, an electrical enclosure OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) was developing a new line of large metal enclosures.  The engineers at the manufacturer designed the gasket for the doors as a 1 piece design.  The material chosen was fairly expensive and quite thick.  The purchasing team sent the drawing to CGR Products to request a quote.

Fact Finding

Upon receiving the print at CGR Products, our product development team realized quite fast that the gasket being used was very large.  A one piece die cut gasket from the chosen material (or any material for that matter) would have a higher cost and produce a large amount of scrap.  Our product development team asked a series of probing questions to the OEM engineers as to use and function of the enclosure in hopes to offer a cost saving alternative.  It was determined a dove-tailed type design might could be used.

For analysis, the OEM decided to have CGR Products quote the part 2 ways – one as the original layout, the other as the dove-tailed design. “It’s nice when a supplier offers a cost-reducing solution without even having to ask” said an associate from the OEM.

The Result

The next step was to cut some prototypes of the dove-tailed design that matched the door layout to be used in testing.  The result from testing was the dove-tailed design worked perfectly.  The engineers at the OEM changed the gasket drawing to the dove-tailed design and their purchasing department started ordering the parts.


The chosen raw material comes in one square yard sheets.  The yield went from approximately 1 gasket per sheet to 9 gasket sets per sheet.  The Cost difference of the dove-tailed design saved the manufacturer roughly 80% over the original design.  Over the life of the project, the savings will add up to a substantial amount of actual dollars in the bank.


Partnering with CGR

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