Solving a UL Gasketing Issue for a Large Enclosure Manufacturer

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This was the case for a large enclosure manufacturer that was having an enclosure fail its UL certification for a seemingly simple issue.

The Problem

The enclosure manufacturer was using a standard closed cell sponge with adhesive on one side for sealing the door to the housing.  The closed cell sponge was correct for the application and carried its own UL rating.  The adhesive was also correct for the application.

According to the assigned UL inspector, since the closed cell sponge had been laminated with the adhesive, then the chemistry of the product had been changed and thus the combination of closed cell sponge and adhesive needed to have its own UL rating.

This simple gasket was now holding up the final UL certification of this new enclosure.  Until this issue was solved, none of the enclosures could be sold.  The manufacturer reached out to CGR Products to search for a solution

The Solution

CGR Products stocks a vast array of closed cell sponge and a large inventory of laminating adhesives.  Upon hearing the dilemma of the combination needing its own UL rating, the team at CGR Products jumped into action.  An idea was formulated that CGR Products could offer 3 choices of UL listed combinations that would benefit many different types of electrical and electronic manufacturers.

CGR Products began the UL testing process of 3 different combinations of closed cell sponge laminated with adhesive.  All 3 tested to meet UL JMLU2 50E standards. These three listings include a wide range of sponge and adhesive specs that cover a wide range of applications.


8002/702P – CGR’s highest performing UL listed combination, combining pure EPDM sponge with an aggressive acrylic PSA system including higher temperature needs for enclosures, lighting, power equipment, or HVAC

5031/9824 – CGR’s combination utilizes Neoprene/EPDM blend sponge with a durable acrylic based adhesive. Ideal for enclosures, control panels, and electrical components.

DK1111/9816 – CGR’s combination utilizes a Neoprene/EPDM blended sponge with a high tack rubber adhesive. The rubber adhesive provides an excellent “quick stick” to most substrates and ideal for the electrical components and appliance market.

After working with UL and submitting all the tesing samples and adjacent data, CGR Products received the certification of these 3 product combinations.  It was now time to tell the enclosure manufacturer the good news to their original problem.  The manufacturer not only had a UL listed sponge gasket combination, but had a choice of materials that best fit their application.  This manufacture was ecstatic of the good news and ordered the material immediately.

Once the enclosure manufacturer installed the new gasket combination, they called for a new UL inspection.  The enclosure met all requirements and was passed with its UL rating.  The enclosures were now ready to be sold to the market and the problem was solved.


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