CGR Products in Greensboro, NC Expands with a 30,000 sq. ft. Addition

CGR’s growth over the past several years has fueled new equipment purchases and the need to
stock higher volumes of inventory necessary to support that growth. This growth led to
overcrowded manufacturing and warehouse conditions that hampered additional growth
opportunities and created an inefficient working environment. The 30,000 sq. ft. expansion
increases the current footprint by almost 50% and will ease crowded conditions in
manufacturing and warehousing areas and position the company to pursue new opportunities.
Future business growth should lead to additional labor and machinery necessary to support
that growth.

About CGR Products (
Since its beginnings in 1963 as Carolina Gasket and Rubber Company, CGR Products has been
the go-to provider of customized fabrication solutions for OEM markets. CGR Products cuts,
slits, laminates, and skives, materials into precision components at three locations – including
its corporate headquarters in Greensboro, NC, as well as in Decatur, AL, and Waukesha, WI.