Kiss Cutting

Cutting a high volume of precision, custom parts with laminate and/or adhesive takes a special kind of process. The applications for kiss cut products are numerous, including uses in the automotive, marine, HVAC, industrial, farming, electrical, medical, and military industries. You will even find kiss cut materials on  escalators and elevators. It is superior in holding tight tolerances, has easy “peel and stick” application, can be done at high speeds, and is even ideal for prototyping. But what exactly is kiss cutting and how is it useful in these industries?

Kiss cutting is part of our Rotary Die Cutting process and can be performed on a wide array of materials, from 3M™ Scotchmate™ Hook and Loop Fasteners to Mylar® to cork. Rotary Die Cutting is high speed, cost effective, and can handle a high volume of orders with ease. Done at high speeds, it involves the die cutting down into the chosen material, through one thin adhesive layer of laminate, and then partially through the adhesive liner. This highly evolved and extremely precise manner of cutting ensures that you get the exact shape and size you want, including materials with adhesive backed parts. The parts are then supplied on a roll or pad for easy “peel and stick” application wherever they are needed. CGR Products can cut material as thin as 0.002” for films and up to 3/8” thick for sponges. We can cut materials up to 16” x 20” in one single stroke, but we can also apply other production methods for larger parts. Call us for a quote on your next batch of adhesive parts.

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