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CGR Products News Release

CGR Products News Release: Growth Leads to a 30,000 sq ft Expansion and New High Volume Manufacturing Machinery


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CGR’s Open House: Facility Tour, New Equipment and More

CGR Products will be hosting an open house at our Wisconsin facility — offering tours of our ISO 9001:2008-certified facility and showcasing our new high-quality equipment.

We want to show you our new state-of-the-art machinery used for our custom cutting and fabrication services. Our equipment is involved in a number of manufacturing processes, including die cutting, knife cutting, waterjet cutting and laminating.

New Manufacturing Equipment

CGR-knife-cutting-machineOne of the latest additions to our list of machines includes our new knife cutting Flashcut Flex HD.

The new Flashcut Flex HD is able to total cut, score cut, and kiss cut with a single knife chuck and rotating punches that can handle small diameter holes. Alongside this machine, CGR hosts a collection of other machines for waterjet cutting, custom die cutting, custom fabrication, and more.

Wisconsin Facility Tour

wisconsin manufacturing facility tour

Don’t forget dinner & drinks!

Whether or not you can make our Open House, please join us Tuesday, Oct. 25, at Coopers Hawk in the Brookfield Square Mall. Cocktails will be served at 6pm and dinner starts at 7pm.

To learn more about the open house click here, or click the button below.

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Meet the New Knife Cutting Machine at CGR: Flashcut Flex HD

Knife cutting is one of the fastest and most precise methods for producing parts.

Knife Cutting MachineFrom prototypes to final products, no matter the shape or size of a design, knife cutting technology offers flawless production for a wide range of materials.

We’re excited to feature brand new technology to the CGR Fleet from ATOM. “Cutting”-edge tooling, increased versatility, and unrivaled precision are just the beginning.

The Future of Knife Cutting: Flashcut Flex HD

The Flashcut FLEX HD S Series, part of ATOM’s family of Dieless Knife Cutting Tables, delivers the ideal cutting surface for CGR’s range of flexible materials. The table’s static working surface is supported by a powerful 11kW vacuum pump to hold material in place, eliminating potential errors from movement and the need for sacrificial sealing.

A multi-tool cutting head on the Flashcut is able to total cut, score cut, and kiss cut with a single knife chuck, and  rotating punches that can handle small diameter holes

“Cutting” Costs, Increasing Yields

A robust structure, reliable performance, and high-level precision are bottom line in the Flashcut Flex’s operation. But that’s not all:

  • Automatic nesting with integrated software helps nest shapes within shapes, producing better yield and reducing waste and cost for everyone.
  • The reduction of dies and tooling offers a cost savings advantage.  Part concavity is virtually eliminated as well.
  • The Flashcut offers an advantage over waterjet cutting as the dieless knife process does not have any issues with water/moisture contamination.
  • Less hand cutting and fewer steps are needed for every part.

Check out all of our available custom cutting services, from knife cutting to water jets, laminating services, and more.

View Our Cutting Capabilities

The New CGR Website: Featuring Improved User Interface and Fresh Resources

For over 50 years, CGR has delivered custom gaskets and seals with top-of-the-line efficiency, combining skilled personnel, capabilities, financial strength and industry expertise.CGR Website Redesign

Now, we’re proud to introduce our newest development: a brand new online home at

Whether you’re an engineer, designer or procurement manager, we know that accessing the information you need, when you need it, is essential to your work. Our website is optimized to help you make that happen, and to do so with ease.

Working hard to make business fast and easy has helped CGR grow from a one-shop operation in Greensboro, NC  to manufacturing facilities in three states with 125 employees and over 140,000 square feet of space. With over 100 pieces of specialized equipment, we dedicate our resources to getting your job done.

We’ve taken those priorities online with the new website. Our customers can anticipate a positive, fresh user experience that
incorporates the following elements:

  • New, streamlined design
  • Easier, user-friendly navigation
  • Mobile responsiveness across all devices
  • Updated information and resources

Whether you choose to visit via your tablet, phone, or computer, expect easy access to the product, service and reference information you need. With resources and guides outlining everything from general chemical resistance to relative polymer cost, the material you need is always in reach, and the team is ready to help find the best solution for your project.

There’s no reason that research should be difficult or stressful, and we’ve put great effort into making it simple. Be sure to watch the CGR blog for more news and helpful information, stay connected with our downloadable resources, or contact us directly with any questions you may have.

Visit Our New Website

Get to know our new website today — we look forward to working with you.