Material of the Month: Felt

CGR Products stocks a large variety of materials for a wide range of applications. Flexible rubber sheeting, adhesive solutions, and fiber materials are just a few of our specialty options.

Our Material of the Month series spotlights some of our favorite materials and their unique applications. This month, we’re discussing Felt.


What is Felt?

Felt is a very versatile and resilient industrial fabric that is manufactured using different processes.

Needle Punch Process:

A fiber such as polyester is interlocked using a machine with thousands of needles moving in an up and down motion.  Heat is then applied using a calendar roll to make a smoother surface and remove fuzziness from the felt.  Calendaring can also be used to produce a firmer sheet.  A binder can be added to felt that needs to be thermo-formable.


Wool or wool blended with other yarn are woven into cloth and then felted using steam and pressure to interlock the fibers.


Wool fibers or wool blended with other fibers are pressed together with steam and pressure that allows the fibers to naturally interlock.

Felt die cut pads

Material Terminology

  • Denier: weight in grams of one single thread of fiber 9,000 meters long.
  • Loft = thickness
  • Hand: the feel of the felt.
  • Weight: ounces per square foot or grams per square meter.

General Applications

Automotive Applications

Vibration dampening gaskets, wheel well liners, trunk and deck liners, under carpet padding, and noise absorption.

Appliance Applications

Vibration dampening gaskets, noise reduction, and lint and air seals.

General Industrial Applications 

Industrial sander backing pads, floor protection pads, and oiler pads for slitting and friction applications.

Using Felt for Your Application

As flexible material specialists, the CGR team offers years of experience in converting felt into components to fit specialty projects. Our in-house precision cutting services include rotary and flatbed die cutting, kiss cutting, slitting, splitting, knife cutting, and more.

For more information about applications and fabrication possibilities, visit our Materials Page.  To discuss any Felt options for your next project, please reach out to our team today.


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