Meet the New Knife Cutting Machine at CGR: Flashcut Flex HD

Knife cutting is one of the fastest and most precise methods for producing parts.

Knife Cutting MachineFrom prototypes to final products, no matter the shape or size of a design, knife cutting technology offers flawless production for a wide range of materials.

We’re excited to feature brand new technology to the CGR Fleet from ATOM. “Cutting”-edge tooling, increased versatility, and unrivaled precision are just the beginning.

The Future of Knife Cutting: Flashcut Flex HD

The Flashcut FLEX HD S Series, part of ATOM’s family of Dieless Knife Cutting Tables, delivers the ideal cutting surface for CGR’s range of flexible materials. The table’s static working surface is supported by a powerful 11kW vacuum pump to hold material in place, eliminating potential errors from movement and the need for sacrificial sealing.

A multi-tool cutting head on the Flashcut is able to total cut, score cut, and kiss cut with a single knife chuck, and  rotating punches that can handle small diameter holes

“Cutting” Costs, Increasing Yields

A robust structure, reliable performance, and high-level precision are bottom line in the Flashcut Flex’s operation. But that’s not all:

  • Automatic nesting with integrated software helps nest shapes within shapes, producing better yield and reducing waste and cost for everyone.
  • The reduction of dies and tooling offers a cost savings advantage.  Part concavity is virtually eliminated as well.
  • The Flashcut offers an advantage over waterjet cutting as the dieless knife process does not have any issues with water/moisture contamination.
  • Less hand cutting and fewer steps are needed for every part.

Check out all of our available custom cutting services, from knife cutting to water jets, laminating services, and more.

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Chuck Keeley was appointed the President of CGR Products in 1995. He has also served on the Gasket Fabricator Association board since 2011, of which CGR has been a member for over 20 years. Chuck graduated from North Carolina State University and resides in Greensboro, North Carolina.

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