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    The last few years have been tough for all industries, but as the economy starts to pick up, so too will the HVAC industry. There are a few reasons why this industry in particular will see steady growth until at least 2019.

    One of the most important drivers for the HVAC industry’s growth will be the focus on energy savings. Consumers like to know that they are doing their part and the added bonus of saving money is a big factor as well. In addition, governmental guidelines will also influence builders to meet certain criteria. This area will see boosts from new installations of energy efficient systems as well as upgrades to existing systems.

    Mobile technology will also help push the HVAC industry farther. The ability to check on a system remotely and to see input data, parts used, and even inspection information will greatly improve efficiency.  Mobile technology will also help drive the amount of data that the consumer and the operator will be able to share.  This is result in increased business for the contractor as happy consumers, are more likely to repeat business.

    In addition to upgrades and new installations in current buildings, there will be many new installation opportunities thanks to the budding construction industry. As new homes and office buildings are constructed, HVAC systems will are sure to be integral. Targeting hospitals, telecom centers, light and heavy commercial buildings, will surely help boost the HVAC industry.