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  1. Material of the Month: Silicone Rubber

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    CGR Products stocks material choices of all kinds — flexible rubber sheeting, adhesive solutions, and fiber materials are just the beginning of our specialty options.

    Our Material of the Month series spotlights some of our favorite materials and their unique applications. This month, we’re discussing silicone rubber.


    What is Silicone Rubber?

    Silicone rubber is a unique, extremely flexible synthetic elastomer. It is extraordinarily versatile and relatively simple to manufacture, making it essential for industries ranging from automotive to home goods.

    Materials and Properties

    In addition to its outstanding ease of production, this unique material offers a wide range of specialized properties, including:

    • Rubber sealingHigh and low temperature stability
    • Compression resistance
    • Tear strength and flexibility
    • Long-term tensile strength and elongation properties
    • Excellent insulation
    • Easy coloration and formula customization
    • Resistance to chemicals, fungus, ozone, aging, weather, and flames
    • Varying degrees of hardness and softness

    Applications and Industries

    Silicone’s list of applications is constantly growing — its versatility and accessibility make it particularly appealing to innovators across industries. Some key uses include:

    • Sealants and gaskets in the automotive industry
    • Door and window seals in aeronautics and aviation
    • Equipment in food and beverage applications
    • Gaskets in electronics and energy transmission
    • Sensitive, hypoallergenic tools in medicine and veterinary science

    Using Silicone for Your Application

    As flexible material specialists, the CGR team offers years of experience in converting silicone into components to fit specialty projects. Our in-house precision cutting services include rotary and flatbed die cutting, kiss cutting, slitting, splitting, knife cutting, and more.

    For more information about  silicone’s unique applications and fabrication possibilities, visit our Silicone Rubber material page.