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  1. UL Materials | Closed Cell Sponge Rubber

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    Many users of sponge rubber products for sealing are unaware that UL guidelines dictate that when adhesive is applied to sponge rubber the chemistry has been changed. Essentially, this creates a new product which must pass specific tests to be added to a list of approved UL materials.

    UL Listed Closed Cell Sponge with AdhesiveTo help solve this issue, CGR Products has three UL listed closed cell sponge and adhesive combinations that are listed to UL JMLU2 standards and are suitable for UL50E applications.

    In this guide, we will break down our three combinations to help you identify the best solution for your application.


    UL Listed Closed Cell Sponge Stripping with Adhesive

    8002/702P is considered our “high-end” combination utilizing greater temperature ratings and high-performance adhesive. 8002 sponge is pure EPDM sponge. It has 2A2 ASTM designation with a density of 9 +/-2. The 702P adhesive is a heavy mass 7mil (liner side) double coated acrylic tape.


    5031/9824 is considered our “mid-grade”.  5031 sponge is a blend of EPDM/CR/SBR.  It has 2A1 ASTM designation with a density of 6 +/-2.  The 9824 adhesive is 3mil (liner side) high strength double coated acrylic tape.


    DK1111/9816 is considered our “general purpose” combination and also utilizes a rubber based adhesive.  DK1111 sponge is a blend of EPDM and Neoprene.  It has 2C1 ASTM designation with a density of 5.   The 9816 adhesive is 3.5mil (liner side) double coated high tack rubber-based tape.

    UL Materials from CGR Products

    These UL listed closed cell sponge with adhesive combinations are commonly used for sealing and gaskets in electrical enclosures, control panels, appliances, and many other applications.  CGR Products offers lamination, slit to width, sheeting, and die cutting for all of your converting needs.  Our UL listed Products are labeled and shipped with the Recognized Component Mark,  UL Listed Closed Cell Sponge with Adhesive Recognized Component


    For a further in-depth look at our UL listed Products, download our latest eBook by clicking here.

  2. CGR is UL Listed

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    UL is the acronym for Underwriters Laboratory, a non-profit company that tests safety standards and issues certificates of compliance. Consumers are often familiar with tags on appliances that have the UL listing on electrical cords denoting the safety of the unit. When a company meets all of the standards as set forth by UL, they can then have safety certification programs put in place. Although UL started out in electrical safety, they have since expanded to include a wide range of products, including things like fire safety, water quality, and products manufactured by CGR.

    Benefits of Being UL Listed

    Being UL listed takes time and commitment from any company wanting this distinction. To start, the company must prove they are maintaining the highest levels of safety in the building and with proper training of employees. Prior to being listed, UL will send safety inspectors to the manufacturing facility to ensure compliance with all safety rules and regulations. After that point, an inspector will return every six months to make sure the company is still in compliance in order to maintain their UL listing. Inspectors check and review: operations, power sources, safety training procedures, performance, and more.

    Listed Products Manufactured by CGR

    Currently, CGR has three products which are UL Recognized Components that meet the UL 50E standards. They include sponge rubber and pressure sensitive adhesive. These components are used for sealing gaskets found in electrical enclosures, appliances, control panels, and other applications. UL has stated the designation of the individual components (PSA and sponge) is voided when a chemical bond is created between the two, creating a new product which must then meet the same rigorous UL standards.

    To address this issue, CGR created and certified three different solutions which can meet a wide range of applications. These include: CGR 8002 (EPDM sponge) with Avery’s high performance 702 acrylic adhesive, CGR 5031 (Neoprene/SBR/EPDM) sponge with 3M 9824 acrylic adhesive, and CGR DK1111LD (Neoprene/EPDM) sponge with 3M 9816 rubber adhesive.

    CGR is proud to sport the UL listing and will continue to ensure safety and standards as set by UL for years to come.