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  1. North Carolina Manufacturing Facts

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    For over 50 years we have provided North Carolina and the surrounding areas with cutting precision gaskets for MRO applications and OEM and MRO products for different markets. As we continue to be a key player in the manufacturing industry in North Carolina, we would like to note that manufacturing plays an important role in our state.

    An extensive number of companies make up a diverse group of manufacturers in the state of North Carolina. According to the National Association of Manufacturers, the total manufacturing output in North Carolina was $76.8 billion as of 2009, and employed approximately 431,400 manufacturing workers in 2010.

    North Carolina’s manufactured goods exports are the most robust part of the state’s economy, contributing tremendous amounts of revenue through taxes and diverse employment. Additionally, 89 percent of North Carolina manufacturers are small businesses, showing that smaller companies have the ability to succeed in the state. To further support manufacturing in North Carolina, we can look at the growth in exports since 2003. Exports grew 50 percent in North Carolina, significantly driving the state’s economy and leading to a higher quality of life for residents.

    Manufacturing continues to boom in North Carolina, with President Obama visiting in early 2014 to present a new high-tech manufacturing hub. The Next Generation Power Electronics Innovation Institute in North Carolina is an organization that was created to bring companies, educational organizations, and federal research together to create new electronic products.

    As manufacturing continues to expand in the U.S., North Carolina offers manufacturers an attractive location to produce their goods. Support from the federal government, educational organizations, and local businesses mean that manufacturing will be able to continue to flourish for years to come. The benefits of manufacturing in North Carolina will continue to positively impact the local and national population.