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  1. Material of the Month: Acrylic Foam Tapes

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    VHB Tapes can replace mechanical fasteners, liquid adhesives and more

    This blog is the first in a new CGR Products content series titled “Material of the Month.” The series will spotlight some of the unique materials and their applications that CGR works with.

    Our first material on the list is acrylic foam tape.


    What is acrylic foam tape?

    CGR handles and converts a wide range of acrylic foam tapes manufactured by 3M. Very high bond (VHB) tapes can act as a fastener in place of mechanical fasteners, liquid adhesives, and more in certain scenarios.

    3M TapeThe closed-cell foam is viscoelastic, utilizing energy-absorbing, and stress-relaxing properties. VHB can also conform to the irregularities of all rigid substrates, even when there might be a slight mismatch, while maintaining high internal strength.

    Benefits and Uses

    Acrylic foam provides outstanding strength and durability for even the most demanding applications. It offers an instant and permanent bond for both static and dynamic forces in exterior and extreme conditions. The material can absorb shock against wind, vibrations and other high performance stresses.

    In tests, the VHB tapes yielded 92% retention of peel adhesion after the roll was aged for more than 5 years at 150°F. Initial tack and liner release properties were still excellent, proving VHB’s ability to tolerate long-term exposure to periodically elevated temperatures.

    In addition, the all-acrylic construction of these tapes offers:

    • Resistance to extreme temperatures, UV light, moisture, and solvents
    • Sealing against environmental conditions
    • Prevention against bi-metallic corrosion
    • Elimination of pull-through, dimpling, and weld distortion

    Custom Fabrication at CGR

    As a 3M Preferred Converter, the CGR team has years of experience customizing acrylic foam tapes to fit specific shapes, sizes, and profiles for different projects. Our precision die cutting services, including rotary and flatbed die cutting, as well as die-less knife cutting can deliver custom kiss-cut parts on a continuous roll or pad, ready to use.

    To access performance data and learn how 3M VHB tape can benefit your application, visit our library of technical data on acrylic foam tapes.

    Access Data Library for 3M Acrylic Adhesives