Performance Improvement Program

Learn more about our 3-Step Partnership Initiative

At CGR Products, you’re more than a customer — you’re our partner.  Together we have an opportunity to pursue the mutual benefit of cost reduction.

How It Works:

cgr-choose-team-blueStep 1: Choose your Assembly to Improve.

CGR Products will dedicate team members for your company’s assembly. Your dedicated CGR team can include Account Managers, Plant Managers, Customer Service, Quality Control, Machine Operators, the President — any personnel that best fits your need.

cgr-goals-blueStep 2: Establish goals.

We’ll meet to get a better understanding of your current processes and work together to determine a path that reaches your goal of reducing or eliminating costs. Next, we’ll hold a kickoff meeting that establishes objectives, key opportunities for cost savings, and a timeline.


cgr-measure-blueStep 3: Implement and measure.

CGR Products will take the necessary steps to meet your goals, then monitors and measures performance. We will be committed to the success of the project until we reach our target.


Processes We’ve Improved for Added Cost Savings:

  • Production
  • Alternate Material Suggestionspackaging-oem
  • Packaging
  • Labeling
  • Shipping
  • Kitting
  • Assembly
  • Vendor Managed Inventory
  • Innovative Jigs/Fixtures
  • Improved Throughput
  • Bottleneck Reductions
  • And more


How Can I Learn More?

 The Performance Improvement Program is available to all customers — simply contact us today with your questions.

New to CGR’s services? We’d love to talk more about how we can help with your current applications or your next project. Contact us for more information.