3M and Tesla Make Good Partners

Tesla Motors creates some of the world’s most sought after vehicles.  These are premium electric vehicles that have become very popular among car enthusiasts.  They do not operate with a lot of moving parts.  Instead, these cars basically run by a bank of batteries.

3M is a national company known for producing items such as Post-It Notes, Scotch tape and the like. But  it’s their most recent endeavor that has the business world talking.  The company works with one of the most prestigious electric automobile companies in the world.  That’s right:  3M has worked with Tesla  since 2008.  Between the two companies, they have worked together to develop some amazing and innovative products.  In fact, parts produced from 3M have replaced items used in traditional cars, such as nuts and bolts.

3M has recently worked to develop a lead-free metal-alloy tape that is attached with a high performance adhesive.  This tape is placed inside the wheel of these all-electric cars where it is more likely to stay in place.  In addition, the company has also developed solar-powered lights and battery kits.  The battery for these lights can be recharged by using it in the sun, and at night the battery can then be used to turn on the light.  The light it emits is equal to a 100-watt incandescent bulb.

The partnership of Tesla and 3M has become stronger over the years.  In fact, their relationship has taken shape even more since 3M’s work when it comes to the Tesla Model S.  3M makes more than a dozen parts for the latest Tesla model including its latest products including LED light bulbs and window films.  The two companies together have designed products that are not only earth friendly but also on the cutting edge of technology.  The partnership between these two companies is one of the best in recent business history.

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