Material of the Month: Closed Cell Sponge Rubber

Here at CGR, we stock a wide variety of specialty materials, from unique adhesive solutions and flexible rubbers to custom-engineered fibers. During our Material of the Month blog series, we’ve been showcasing some of our favorite, most popular materials, outlining their unique features and exploring common applications.

This month, we’re highlighting our extremely versatile closed cell sponge rubber.

What is Sponge Rubber?

Sponge rubber is unique in that it can be crafted in both open and closed cell styles.

  • Open cell rubber permits flow; air, water, and chemicals can all pass through the open network of pockets when the rubber is not compressed.
  • Closed cell rubber, or expanded rubber, contains balloon-like cells filled with nitrogen gas, which block the flow of air, water, and chemicals at low pressures.

Benefits and Uses

Because of its consistent, solid structure, closed cell sponge rubber offers excellent sealing performance, providing acid, flame, and oil resistance.

This rubber also features the following unique attributes:

  • Lightweight durability
  • High-performance cushioning
  • Reliable thermal and acoustic insulation
  • Shock absorption
  • Impact dampening
  • Tough sealing and weatherproofing capability

Armacell Monarch 3091 Sponge Rubber

A pure EPDM material, Armacell’s Monarch 3091 is an excellent example of a popular, low-density, high-performance closed cell sponge rubber. Manufactured with non-staining oils and antioxidants, Monarch 3091 offers fire, ozone, and elevated temperature resistance. It’s approved to meet the demanding requirements of automotive, industrial, and even military applications.

Sponge Rubber Applications and Industries

Sponge rubber’s versatility and reliable density allow for use in a wide range of applications, including:

  • Acoustic design and custom soundproofing
  • Lighting and electrical systems
  • Marine and weatherproofing projects
  • Power tools and generators
  • HVAC systems
  • Automotive components

Closed-Cell Sponge Rubber at CGR

At CGR, we are capable of skiving or splitting raw material up to 56 inches wide and 10” thick; materials can be split down to 0.062” thick. On most materials, we can cut with standard RMA tolerances or better.

We bring years of experience and expertise in lamination, sheeting, die cutting, and slit-to-width services, and we’re proud to offer a vast inventory of closed cell sponge rubber to meet the unique needs of all our clients. To learn more about open cell sponge rubber or discuss how we can help with your next project, reach out to the team today.


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Mike Burris is in Sales and Marketing at CGR Products. A member of the CGR team for over 23 years, Mike also holds a 3M certification from its Master Estimator program and a degree in Business Administration.

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