New Year, New Videos! See What We’ve Been Doing at CGR

Water jet cutting, kiss cutting, custom die work — it was all on display at our Wisconsin Open House this past October.

wisconsin-open-houseOur team was on-hand to help guests get acquainted with some of these state of the art machines, and took the opportunity to chat about some of our most successful recent projects.

See for yourself by viewing the videos below about some of the projects we’ve worked on, shot live at the open house.

Increasing Production Rates by 33%

Seeking continuous improvement can sometimes present serious challenges — especially when it comes to equipment.

For this automotive customer, CGR assembled a diverse team for a tightly organized Kaizen meeting to help evaluate the existing process step-by-step.

As a result, we were able to develop five new, carefully controlled systems to fit the existing machinery that cut costs and enhanced production rates by 33%!


Solving Tolerance Challenges

Working with specific requirements and tight tolerances can be a challenge for many companies. For this client, the product was being crafted with an acid-etched die. Our Account Manager and Quality Manager reached out to fine-tune the tolerance standards for this customer, and the team also updated equipment in order to streamline production.


Reducing Material Costs with Kaizen Events                                              

In a recent project with a large automotive customer, CGR was asked to reduce costs while ensure production would not be delayed. CGR formed a Kaizen team to evaluate their current manufacturing process and developed several cost-saving ideas regarding tooling.

With some re-engineering of existing configurations and proactive cost evaluation, we were able to cut annual raw material costs by $26,000.


Lowering Costly Field Failures

Repair costs in the field are expensive, stressful, and dangerous. One OEM’s gaskets were failing, so CGR found a superior material choice and design. By incorporating a laminated gasket with a metal core and bonded rubber compound, the team enhanced critical sealing performance and reduced costs in the process.


Producing Stronger, More Durable Gaskets

Difficult installation processes are one of the greatest gasket challenges, especially for large engines and power generators.

For this OEM, our product development team designed a multi-layer gasket for essential sealing performance with ease of installation in mind. The design has become one of today’s industry standards.


Solving Performance Issues through Custom Assembly

New EPA regulations meant that a hose manufacturer had to alter its assembly construction, and the changes came with a variety of challenges. From increased production costs to new leaking issues, their technicians were faced with a struggle.

We worked with new materials, new equipment, and an automation assembly machine to get the job done.

With over 100 pieces of professional equipment and a long list of success stories, the CGR Team is ready to tackle any gasket challenge. See more of our work on the Case Studies page, or reach out to the team today to learn more.



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Chuck Keeley was appointed the President of CGR Products in 1995. He has also served on the Gasket Fabricator Association board since 2011, of which CGR has been a member for over 20 years. Chuck graduated from North Carolina State University and resides in Greensboro, North Carolina.

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