What is EMI-RFI shielding?

To understand what EMI/RFI shielding is, we must first understand what EMI/RFI is. EMI stands for electromagnetic interference and when dealing with radio frequency, it is addressed as radio-frequency interference. These interferences can cause a disturbance with electronic devices. In turn, these disturbances can degrade and limit the effectiveness of a circuit within the device.

There are two types of EMI/RFI interference:

Narrowband – This originates from intended transmissions such as radio, television or cell phones

Broadband – This originates from the unintended radiation from sources like power lines.

With both narrowband and broadband interferences, industries must find ways to protect their equipment. In order to do this, EMI/RFI shielding agents must be used. These agents are normally acrylic based sprays but can also be paints or brush-on coatings and are applied to electronic housings. These shields contain extremely pure metals such as copper, silver, and nickel, to help eliminate the EMI/RFI interference.

While it is important to protect your electronic devices from EMI/RFI using sprays, paints, and coatings; it is equally important to make sure that your equipment isn’t doing any of the interfering. Modern electronic equipment may need EMI gaskets to help avoid the radiation of frequency waves interfering with other electronic sources. Because we are in an increasingly electronic age, the need to protect electronics from causing interference is very important. That is where we come in. We offer EMI shielding gaskets, conductive tapes, shielded windows and more. Our products are suitable for a diverse set of markets, such as military, aerospace, medical, fluid sealing, environmental and microwave applications.

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