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  1. [INFOGRAPHIC] Insider’s Tips to Packaging Issues

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    An OEM’s guide to avoiding common packaging issues and eliminating unnecessary costs

    While generally overlooked during production, packaging solutions have a significant impact on your project’s overall costs.


    For OEMs requiring custom fabricated rubber, foam, and plastic products — such as gaskets, seals and  tapes — there are a number of packaging solutions to not only reduce costs, but also protect the product during shipping. After cutting and fabricating these products for over 50 years, CGR Products put together an infographic that lists some of the common packaging problems we’ve seen customers encounter, followed by the solutions we offer to combat each of the issues.

    The infographic includes solutions to problems such as:

    • Long processing times
    • Messy line assembly
    • High packaging costs
    • Slow data entry or inaccurate data
    • Overflowing warehouse
    • Excess parts or shortage of parts
    • And more

    Check out the infographic below to find the solution to your issue.

    Click image to enlarge:


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    Other Steps to an Optimized Supply Chain

    oem-optimize-supply-chain-coverNow that you know how to fix your packaging issues, take the next step to reducing product costs with an optimized supply chain. Our guide, How OEMs Can Optimize Their Supply Chain, offers six research-backed solutions to get you there, including how to manage your inventory properly and tips for selecting the most cost-effective supplier.

    Download your free copy of the eBook here.