Die Cut Solutions for EV Batteries using Avery Dennison Materials

CGR Products is your go-to converter of die cut flexible materials for Electric Vehicle (EV) Batteries.   CGR Products provides solutions for thermal runaway, sealing out elements, heat shielding, gap fillers, battery cushioning, and more.  CGR Products is a leading converter to solve challenges for EV battery manufacturers.

Adhesives for Compression Pads

Avery Dennison offers pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes to bond compression pad foam that protects EV Battery cells.

Individual prismatic and pouch cells in EV Battery packs need protection from impact and movement. Pouch cells can also swell during charging and discharging. To help prevent damage, EV Battery manufacturers are placing foams backed with pressure-sensitive tape between each cell.

CGR Products offers full in-house converting of these adhesives to foam.  Our first step is our lamination process for adhering the adhesive to the foam.  We utilize various types of laminations depending on the application including thermal transfer, infrared, and hot roll lamination.

Second, we employ the optimal die cut method to make the compression pads. For ease of installation, CGR Products can supply these pads kiss cut on rolls.  Kiss cutting is performed by cutting through the part down to, but not through, the release liner. The parts would be supplied on a roll or pad for easy “peel and stick” application.

Adhesives for Gasketing

Sealing and gasketing are critical for preventing water intrusion and unwanted noise, vibration, and harshness, and protecting pack enclosures from contact with the chassis.  Avery Dennison offers transfer and double-coated tapes for bonding various gasket materials, including foams and fibers.

As described above with compression pads, CGR Products has complete in-house capabilities to laminate the adhesives and die cut the finished gaskets.  We have extensive experience with laminating transfer and double coated tapes to various gasketing materials.  The die cut gaskets can be supplied bulk packed in a box or kiss cut on rolls.  Our team can help you with your gasketing project to ensure you get the easiest method for installation.

Adhesives for Thermal Management

EV and battery manufacturers have strict requirements against thermal runaway events and rely on mica, ceramic fibers, and other materials for protecting cells and passengers.  Avery Dennison offers a variety of solutions for bonding these materials to cells, modules, and pack structures.

CGR Products offers lamination and die cut capabilities for these thermal management materials laminated with adhesive.  These materials can be laminated with a double coat or transfer tape to help maintain the dielectric strength.

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Avery Dennison EV Battery Portfolio includes a wide range of available bonding and protection tapes, built on multiple pressure-sensitive adhesive technologies. These are engineered to make EV batteries safer, more efficient, and easier to assemble. To learn more about Avery Dennison EV Battery Tape Solutions click Here

CGR Products will work with you during the early stages of your project to high level production volumes. We have a vast network of preferred suppliers and manufacturers with expert advice in making the right material selection.  We have 4 locations in the USA with over 190,000 sq ft of manufacturing space and are premier converters of foams, films, rubber, insulation, lamination, and more.

Feel free to contact us today about your upcoming EV Battery die cut applications.

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