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  1. Proper Boat Care as Summer Comes to an End

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    Labor Day signals the end of summer, and the end of boating season. But that doesn’t mean it is time to forget about life on the water! Instead, take the time to stay safe during your last few times out and properly care and maintain your vessel. Standard boat maintenance and a bit of elbow grease can go a long way in extending the life of the boat. Here are a few tips to help!

    1. Regularly wash your boat. Especially when boating in saltwater, it is important to rinse off the potentially harmful salt with freshwater. It also helps fuel efficiency to remove algae and other aquatic scum from the hull.
    2. Change your oil at least once a year. Like a car, frequent oil changes will extend engine life.
    3. When storing your boat, remember that fiberglass can be harmed by sitting out in the sun. If it’s possible, store or cover your fiberglass boat during the offseason.
    4. Repair or replace any damaged equipment now so that your boat will be ready to go come next season.
    5. Open up hatches and doors to let the boat air out before storing to prevent any mildew, corrosion, or rot.
    6. Remember to drain all water tanks and pump non-toxic antifreeze through any and all water carrying systems.

    A well cared for and maintained boat will last longer and give you far less headaches in the long run!


  2. Not Your Average Tape

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    You may not even realize that you come across foam tape in your everyday life. It could have even been this morning when you opened your front door! Whenever there is a need to keep out water, dust, or to protect from UV exposure, foam tape can really come in handy. It’s so easy to apply that anyone can do it, which makes it even more likely that you’ve seen it today and may not have even known! CGR makes our product by laminating a tape to the foam with adhesive on one side. A customer can then peel the liner off and stick the foam tape where they want weather stripping. Super easy, super effective.

    These insulating tapes are made with closed cell foam and can be found in a long list of applications ranging from acoustical insulation to medical devices to tractors to HVAC equipment. They can form a tighter seal to keep out wind, cold, dust, dirt, water, and UV rays from sensitive equipment and areas. We can make foam tapes as narrow as 1/8” wide and then create long, vulcanized rolls to accommodate virtually any length. CGR can also make tapes in a variety of thicknesses with clean, accurate, and consistent cuts to meet your specific needs. So the next time you open your screen door or roll down your car window remember to take a look at the insulating foam tape!