Case Studies Prove the Importance of Precision Converting

Introducing Real Examples of Customers’ Precision Cutting Solutions

The right material and the exact cut make all the difference. For tight-tolerance components like gaskets, pumps and seals, there is no room for error — and no detail is too minor.

For example, one of our customers, a large boat manufacturer, had overlooked the importance of the gasket adhesive used to seal to their fuel tank. Their selected adhesive did not seal well to the tank substrate, and the gasket began peeling off. When the customer approached us with the issue, we tested and evaluated the performance of a combination of adhesives and sponge that would resist moisture. We selected and converted a high-tack transfer adhesive that was robust and durable, with the addition of an HDPE film liner for added protection.

We’re no stranger to material issues like these — we’ve worked with a number of projects that had design and performance issues:die-cut-foam

Turning a Badly Designed Gasket Into a Usable Solution

This project’s end user designed a gasket to be fitted with our customer’s molded plastic parts. The customer had particular needs and expectations in order to make the gasket work for the end product, but the design — over which they had no control — proved flawed in many ways.

Industry: Manufacturing; OEM Parts

Problem: Gasket design delivered with a series of production issues, including edge tolerances and material performance, that resulted in tearing, slow processing and high rejection rates

Solution: An altered manufacturing and delivery process, customized for the design’s needs

Sealing Diesel Exhaust Fluid with Precision-Cut Ensolite Foam

Extreme temperatures are a challenge in many industries — but they’re no match for custom CGR solutions. After a polar vortex took its toll on new fueling dispensers at stations throughout the northern United States and Canada, the manufacturer came to us to help stop the freezing.

Industry: Automotive; Gas and Oil

Problem: Failed insulation on fuel dispensers caused diesel exhaust fluid to freeze inside its pump, making it impossible to dispense

Solution: Custom-tested, fully packaged retrofit insulation kits with Ensolite IV1 foam rubber

With over 100 pieces of specialized equipment and years of experience on projects like these, the CGR Team is dedicated to getting your job done. Visit the Case Studies page to find more on the projects above, as well as additional case studies.

Even the most challenging projects deserve straightforward, accessible solutions. CGR has delivered custom gaskets and seals with top-of-the-line solutions for over 50 years — but you don’t always have to take our word for it.

For more information on custom work, or to discuss your own design challenges, reach out to our team today.

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