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Electric Buses

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For many years, public transportation has been looked at as being a great way to cut down on emissions. Simply having folks ride together on a route has certainly diminished the amounts of pollutants being put out – one bus puts out much less than dozens of cars. As public transportation has moved along, governments […]

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CGR is UL Listed

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UL is the acronym for Underwriters Laboratory, a non-profit company that tests safety standards and issues certificates of compliance. Consumers are often familiar with tags on appliances that have the UL listing on electrical cords denoting the safety of the unit. When a company meets all of the standards as set forth by UL, they […]

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U.S. Manufacturing Companies like CGR Expand at a Sustainable Rate

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As demand from overseas markets has cooled while domestic markets have remained steady, U.S. factories have begun to expand at a sustainable rate. Although there has been slowed order growth due to falling energy prices, many production facilities are likely to produce at the same or higher levels. This is due in part to increased […]

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If it’s Soft and Pliable, CGR has Got it Covered

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Getting the proper lamination for your products can mean the difference between a good, sturdy product that is protected or one that doesn’t measure up. When you need the right lamination for your item, CGR offers the right products to fit your needs. With lamination available for products that range in size from 0.062” to […]

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Top Questions You always Wanted To Ask About Cellular Rubber (And Probably Should Have!)

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If rubber could talk, it would label us humans “ingrates”! We all realize the importance of steel and iron in our daily lives and indeed these metals are highly valued. But what about rubber? Without the elasticity and the tensile strength of this material, our modern world would be strangely dystopian. Everything from blankets to […]

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How CGR Value-Added Services Help Your Business

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At CGR Products, we offer value-added services to enhance your company and its products. Our aim is to use our top-quality services to meet your organizational needs and go beyond what you expect of us. Our CGR team offers an array of value-added services for the design, packaging, assembly, repair and distribution of your goods. […]

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HVAC Industry

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The last few years have been tough for all industries, but as the economy starts to pick up, so too will the HVAC industry. There are a few reasons why this industry in particular will see steady growth until at least 2019. One of the most important drivers for the HVAC industry’s growth will be […]

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North Carolina Manufacturing Facts

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For over 50 years we have provided North Carolina and the surrounding areas with cutting precision gaskets for MRO applications and OEM and MRO products for different markets. As we continue to be a key player in the manufacturing industry in North Carolina, we would like to note that manufacturing plays an important role in […]

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3M and Tesla Make Good Partners

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Tesla Motors creates some of the world’s most sought after vehicles.  These are premium electric vehicles that have become very popular among car enthusiasts.  They do not operate with a lot of moving parts.  Instead, these cars basically run by a bank of batteries. 3M is a national company known for producing items such as […]

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What is EMI-RFI shielding?

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To understand what EMI/RFI shielding is, we must first understand what EMI/RFI is. EMI stands for electromagnetic interference and when dealing with radio frequency, it is addressed as radio-frequency interference. These interferences can cause a disturbance with electronic devices. In turn, these disturbances can degrade and limit the effectiveness of a circuit within the device. […]

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